Over the past two decades, neuroscientists have discovered that our SENSES are not necessarily confined to our own bodies and that we are capable of experiencing sensation through another person, prosthesis or visual representations. Our SENSES allow us to explore and synthesise the external world. They trick us, they intrigue us, they inspire and they guide us. But they also have limitations, and creative technology ideas can overcome them and even create new ways for the SENSES to be engaged.


UX Sprints is an opportunity for students from all disciplines (HCI, Fashion, Multimedia, Entrepreneurship, UX Design, Fine Arts, Computer Science etc) to grow their ideas from big idea into a proof of concept using Holition, the jury and our partners' expertise. Furthermore the competition showcases emerging student talent and inspires future creative technology work. Students can either enter the competition individually or in teams with a maximum of four members.

UX Sprints encourages innovation in improving the interaction between people and computer devices and systems with the aim of enhancing the overall user experience. Proposals can offer a solution for an existing, described user need and/or propose a new type of user experience.

All proposals must be aligned to the competition theme of SENSES and include at least ONE of the areas of technology and ONE of the industry sectors which are listed below:



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